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Monday, January 21, 2019
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Energy Efficiency in Buildings

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Let's assume then that not all we can learn from the past is relevant in our new world.

If we are to become as sustainable as the San people of old then we will need to start by looking at a document from the SANS people of the future !

Cost of Energy

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Any discussion on buildings would do well to start with energy and its cost, both in terms of monetary value and carbon footprint.

In the past we have built our environment using technologies and designs that assume a plentiful supply of low cost energy, an approach driven partly by the promise (in the early 60's) of boundless nuclear power.
"The recent proliferation of technology, cheap accessible energy sources and exciting new materials have encouraged us to solve building problems differently" warns Chris Reardon, who goes on to make the telling statement that sustainable buildings are not new at all, but rather a lost art. An art that was honed years ago during an era of expensive and limited energy.

Should oil reach 250 $ a barrel then we certainly will be back living in this era !

Some will see changes to they way we currently build as a step backward, while other will see this merely as a better way of living, a way of frugal living that has sustained generations before us.

Download - Must Reads

Review of SANS204 :: by Mike Barker

Review of Sans204

An initiative that came out of the Department of Minerals & Energy’s 2005 Energy Efficiency Strategy that targeted a 15% Final Energy Demand reduction...
Prioritizing Green :: 'It's The Energy Stupid'

It's The Energy Stupid

Joseph W. Lstiburek - Never one to beat about the bush, Lstiburek calls it as he sees it.
Green Building Impact Report :: by Rob Watson

Green Building Impact Review

Green Building Report: Although this is about the US market, it gives some idea of where Green Buildings are going in the future.

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