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Pragmatic Sustainability
Saturday, December 15, 2018
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Pragmatic Sustainability

Pragmatic Sustainability
MBA’s approach to Pragmatic Sustainability focuses on translating environmental ethics into long-term value and growth *.

Pragmatic Sustainability: Translating Environmental Ethics into Competitive Advantage
Jeffery York: “ I explain a business paradigm which allows and enables the integration of environmental ethics into business decisions while creating competitive advantage through the use of an ethical framework based on classical American pragmatism.  Environmental ethics could be useful as an alternative paradigm for business ethics by offering new perspectives and methodologies to grant consideration of the natural environment.  An approach based on classical American pragmatism provides a superior framework for businesses by focusing on experimentation and innovation, driving a long-term focus, and providing actionable clarity.  Under a pragmatic approach to ethics, the choice for sustainability becomes self-evident for business performance and moral reasons.”

Systems  ecology - we recognises that there is often many acceptable solutions in a solution space, and that building thermal and daylighting design needs a ecological-economic systems approach.

a business paradigm which allows and enables the integration of environmental ethics into business decisions while creating competitive advantage- Jeffrey York

Why the emphasis on systems ecology approach?
We have spent many years working with computer-based control systems and we understand from many years that complexity knows no bounds. The difference between a scientist and an engineer is that engineers can work with unknowns, risks, and complexity.  It would break us if we ever tried to truly understand any system.   We therefore try for “good enough” - perfection, and the concept of an exact science we leave to the scientists.  (Hey, we all have a little scientist in us!)

* We are indebt to Jeffrey G. York for his work that addresses the one single issue that we all wrestle with every day of our professional lives.

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